==Alabama== (image: He represents the American state of Alabama. His human name is Montgomery Jones, named after the capital city of Alabama.

Alabama 1


Alabama is a state of medium height. He has brown hair held up in a bandana-type-thing with an ahoge hidden amongst his hair , hazel eyes, and is often wearing a long-sleeve cotton shirt or soccer shirt, khaki pants, and black sandals.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Alabama has an extremely confusing history. First, he lived with France, then he was Spain's, then Britain's, then America's while still being under Spain's ownership, then he was thrown in with Louisiana, then Georgia who bickered about him with South Carolina, then becoming his own country for three months before getting annexed. This resulted in him being forgetful and easily confused. However, he's a devoted Christian. Due to his role in the Civil War, people tend to remember him as "that racist guy". He genuinely tries to move on from his past, but people constantly remind him about his past. He is also very sensitive, becoming emotionally hurt when people make jokes about him.



Alabama and Florida were allies during the Civil War. Florida considers them to be friends, but Alabama is terrified by Florida's insanity. The two tried being a country together, but it was short-lived.


Georgia often refers to Alabama as her little brother, though their ancestry is quite different. Alabama and Georgia tend to get along fine, Alabama regularly visiting Georgia.


Alabama was once thrown in with Louisiana when he was a kid. Louisiana tended to bully Alabama when he was small. However, the two seemed to have reconciled and supported each other after they were hit by Hurrican Katrina.


Alabama calls Michigan his best friend in the north and visits her house when his own gets too hot. Michigan does tend to get frustrated by Alabama's forgetful nature.


The two were allies during the Civil War (though Mississippi was brow-beat into it). Alabama tended to treat Mississippi better than most other Southern states. During the Civil Rights Movement, Alabama and Mississippi became best friends due to both striving for equality for African Americans.

South Carolina

Alabama is terrified of South Carolina, despite the state's lazy nature. This is the result of South Carolina and Georgia fighting over Alabama when he was a child. Alabama refused to work under South Carolina when he seceded during the Civil War.


Alabama and Tennessee seem to get along well. The two share a deep love for country music, though Alabama's not obsessed with it.


Alabama worked under Virginia during the Civil War. He shows clear admiration for Virginia and Virginia views Alabama as her protege.