He represents the 48th state of America. His human name is Glen Jones. He has a pet copperhead viper named Penny (due to Arizona being labeled as the Copper State).


Arizona is a tall, Hispanic man. He has spiky, brown hair and is often seen wearing a brown duster, cowboy boots, a black T-Shirt, black pants, and sunglasses. Due to his tendency to wear them wherever he goes, nobody knows what his eye color is. This resulted in some difficulty when he needed his photo taken for his driver's license. He also has a birth-mark shaped like a bird on his midsection (representing the capital city, Phoenix). He hides a snub-nosed revolver in his coat.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Arizona is irritable, rather sulky, and somewhat pessimistic. This comes from a multitude of reasons. One is from the fact that he was once occupied by his adoptive father, America, before being purchased from Mexico. Another reason is because he feels that the only reason people visit him is because of a giant hole in his apartment. But the more likely reason is that he rigorously tries to defend his borders from Mexico, but doesn't get support from most of the country and even scorned on several occasions.

During 2008, he joined forces with Alaska to try and gain presidency against Illinois and Delaware only to get flustered.

Arizona is rather Conservative and is a devoted Catholic. He legalized Bible studies in public schools, but feels that he'll feel back-lash for it.



The two worked together during 2008, Alaska being well-received by Conservative voters (a reference to the Republican reaciton to Sarah Palin). However, their alliance ended in bitterness as they lost. They seem to be close friends and the two do have mutual crushes on each other, but aren't interested in anything major. Arizona was the first to arrive at Alaska's birthday.


California is Arizona's neighbor to the northwest. Arizona often refers to California as a parasite and regularly threatens to cut off his water supply. When irritated by California, Arizona often pulls out his revolver on him.

Illinois and Massachusetts

The two competed with each other during the 2008 election and Illinois came out on top. Illinois enjoys rubbing it in Arizona's face, leaving Arizona with a grudge. When Massachusetts decided to run for president, Arizona told him to "give him Hell for me.". During Illinois' attempts to distract from the important issues, Arizona gleefully shot them down, to the point where Virginia said that he was enjoying it a little too much.

New Mexico

Despite being admitted to the Union after New Mexico, Arizona tries to act as an older brother figure to him. He is easily exhasperated by New Mexico's hyperactivity and often chases him away from Alaska. New Mexico often tries to get Arizona to smile, but it never works.