Delaware represents the first American state. His human name is Edmund Devon Oxenstierna Jones. He has a pet horseshoe crab.


Delaware is a short man (about a foot taller than Rhode Island) with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a mole on his left cheek and wears glasses. He's often wearing medical scrubs and carrying a scalpel and a stethoscope.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Delaware is the country's doctor and has treated every state at least three times each. He is often described as being extremely sarcastic, openly mocking his fellow states whenever he gets the opportunity. He does genuinely care for his fellow states, though. TLSoulDude said that he was partly inspired by a history teacher, namely an extremely blunt form of sarcasm.

Delaware is the adopted son of Sweden and Finland. He is oddly affectionate towards them. He refers to Finland as "mother", but seems aware that Finland is actually a man.



The two seem to get along well, both being part of the New Netherlands territory and both have a serious dislike for England. Connecticut first went to Delaware when she got a divorce from New York. The two casually dated for a while, but they never went into a full-on relationship.


Delaware and Illinois worked together during the 2008 elections, their bosses working together. Delaware openly insulted Illinois, who seemed unable to retaliate. This shows that Illionis may be psychologically cracked, but he has respect for one of the oldest state.


The two are good friends, Delaware treating Maryland during her pregnancy. The two supported each other during the Civil War as both were border states.


Delaware treated Massachusetts after he got attacked by England during the Revolution. The two seem to have a close friendship.


Michigan works for Delaware as a nurse. While their relationship is strictly professional, the two are often seen hanging outside of work.

New Jersey

New Jersey is Delaware's kid brother. Delaware cares for him, but shows that he has very little patience with him.


The two get along very well, being considered the two oldest states. However, Delaware is usually the first to turn tail and run when Pennsylvania eats chocolate.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is shown to be envious of Delaware. Delaware is only slightly taller than Rhode Island, so this only increases the state's inferiority complex.


The two are considered to be among the oldest states and are often bickering over the title of oldest. Delaware openly mocks Virginia and Virginia tries to physically intimidate Delaware. However, Delaware regularly treats Virginia when he's injured and the two often worked together during the Revolution. This could basically mean that the two have a healthy, sibling relationship.

Washington, D.C.

Delaware has shown to be affectionate to D.C. He delivered D.C. and treated her after she was injured in the Reconstruction.