His human name is Everett Carriedo Jones. His name is Everett is to represent the Everglades and Carriedo after Spain, who he used to be under...and torment.


Florida is a dark-skinned man with neatly-combed black hair and green eyes. He's often seen wearing an orange shirt, a green vest, green trunks, and a Mickey Mouse hat.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Florida is described by the other states as being completely insane. He often bounces around and whoops when he gets too much candy. He's also mischievous, playing pranks on his fellow states at every opportune moment. This showed when he was a child living with Spain, making him search through his swamps to try and find the Fountain of Youth...which he claims he had in his closet the whole time. He enjoys animated movies and amusement parks, has an addiction to orange juice, and often attracts old people to him.

He's also, apparently, bullet proof. He also claims to be the biggest state, but not in terms of land mass...



Alabama and Florida were allies during the Civil War. However, Alabama seemed seriously put-off by Florida's attitude.


The two seem to get along well since both are


Florida apparently has a crush on Louisiana. However, Louisiana obviously does not return the feelings as he punches Florida whenever he tries to jump him. Florida tried to win his affection with a Disney film taking place in his apartment. Needless to say, it didn't work.

New Jersey

The two often go on pranking sprees together (though more for revenge in New Jersey's case). Florida considers them to be close friends, but is oblivious to New Jersey openly mocking him and critiquing him. New Jersey is jealous of Florida because Florida also has strict gun regulations and somehow isn't often made out to be a crap-hole state.


Florida once made an animated movie about Virginia's history. Virginia's response was to try and kill him. Florida obviously shows no remorse for it and believes that he portrayed it accurately...despite Virginia pulling out a list pointing out what was wrong with it.

West Virginia

West is a common pranking target for Florida, often breaking into his apartment with the aid of New Jersey. He says that West makes it too easy for him.