Georgia represents the American state. His human name is George Jones, after King George, which the state was named after.


Georgia is a medium-sized man with curly, blonde hair, blue eyes, and is wearing extremely large glasses, an aviator pilot's uniform, and often a yellow Ghostbuster suit underneath it. He's often carrying peaches or Coca Cola.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Georgia is a relatively cheery and good-natured state. He was the moral support of the Confederacy during the Civil War. He often shows confusion with being mixed up with the Slavic country of the same name. He is easily scared of ghosts, mostly because an entire Confederate regiment is haunting his apartment.



Alabama was once thrown in with Georgia before becoming a state. Georgia considers Alabama to be his little brother, but the latter doesn't acknowledge this (though he could have forgotten about it). The two seem to have a brotherly bond and are very close.


The two were allies during the Civil War and supported each other after Hurricane Katrina. However, Louisiana tends to be a little snide towards Georgia, mostly due to his major fear of ghosts.


Georgia often runs to Michigan for help with ghosts. Michigan is often exhasperated by Georgia's easily-scared nature.


Georgia regularly runs to Mississippi for advice. The two were allies during the Civil War (though Mississippi was bullied into joining by South Carolina) and seem to be good friends. Georgia often says that "Ol' Miss always knows exactly what to say".

South Carolina

The two have a long-standing rivalry, though South Carolina convinced him to leave the Union. This mostly came from bickering over Alabama, South Carolina being a major competitor for the land. The two usually bicker whenever they're around.