He represents the American state of Illinois. His human name is Alphonse Jones, after the famed mobster from Chicago, Alphonse "Al" Capone. His personality is based off of the city of Chicago.


Illinois is a man of medium-build. He has neatly-combed blonde hair, blue eyes, and a bandage over the bridge of his nose. He is often wearing a gray vest over a white shirt and carrying a Tommy Gun.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Illinois was originally a kind, thoughtful boy. However, Indiana soon left and he was hit particularly hard by the 1920's Prohibition. He is now mentally cracked and has a tendency to be violent. All the while, he has a cheery disposition and seems completely unaware that he intimidates his fellow states.



Illinois is oddly affectionate towards Indiana. When Ohio left, he viewed Indiana as a mother figure. As such, he has serious issues with her dating Kentucky. She's the only one who can calm him down when he's acting murderous...though she herself seems intimidated by him.


Illinois does not like Kentucky at all. Whenever he hears that the two are on a date, he tries to assassinate Kentucky, but to no avail.


The two were part of the Indiana Territory and Illinois used to frighten Michigan when they were children. He still does to this day.


The two are relatively close in terms of geography. Minnesota isn't above making sarcastic remarks about Illinois, at one point suggesting that he should try to pick a fight with Montana. Despite this, they do see to have fun together, particularly when playing table-top games.

New Jersey and New York

During the 1920's, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York used to run together as a Mafia group, terrorizing their fellow states with boot-legging. Illinois and New York remember those times fondly while New Jersey wishes to forget about them.


Illinois is wary of Ohio, remembering that HE was once in charge of the Northwest Territories. Ohio is constantly wondering why he hasn't revoked Illinois' gun license in almost a century.


The two do not get along at all. Illinois is constantly starting fights with Wisconsin. Their rivalry stems from their football teams constantly competing with each other. Illinois constantly refers to Wisconsin as "Cheese Head", in reference to the Packers.