Indiana represents the 19th state of America. Her human name is Rose William Jones. She has a pet cardinal named Reginald.


Indiana is a medium-height girl who is of Native American descent. She has long, brown hair, brown eyes, a green, long-sleeve shirt, loose-fitting jeans, and black boots.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Indiana is very introverted, only keeping her interactions between her fellow states limited to the ones that primarily surround it. She is very kind and seems somewhat insecure, adopting some of her first father's attitude. Her first father was Canada, whom she lived with until the French and Indian/Seven Years' War, which resulted in her being taken away by Britain along with her adopted family. This has given her mixed feelings about Britain, though she does like Ireland (who taught her to fight).

Oddly enough, she was one of the first northern states to mobilize during the Civil War and was a great help to the Union.

She enjoys playing basketball, corn, is a fan of Western movies (a reference to actor, James Dean), and is a closet racing fan. Whenever she accidentally says anything related to race cars, she immediately changes the subject.



Indiana and Illinois were once part of the same territory. Illinois is extremely affectionate and defensive of Indiana, who tends to be disturbed by him. Illinois doesn't approve of Kentucky and tries gunning him down at every opportune moment.


Indiana and Kentucky are in a relationship and, currently, are engaged. The two met shortly after Indiana became a state and became friends. Their friendship was mildly strained during the Civil War, Indiana siding with the Union while Kentucky was a border state. The two reconciled shortly after Lincoln's assassination and began dating. Indiana is one of the few people Kentucky's willing to open up to.


Michigan and Indiana are close friends. However, Indiana often forgets Michigan's name and refers to her as "neighbor". Michigan is the only state who Indiana is willing to admit her love of race cars to, mostly because Michigan sells cars.


Nebraska is one of the two people who Indiana interacts with outside of her own state. She finds him to be sweet. They're primarily friends out of a mutual love for corn.


Ohio is Indiana's older brother. He was originally in charge of the Northwest, but put Indiana in charge when he left to become a state. The two worked together in the Union during the Civil War and, in the modern day, get along fine. Ohio personally doesn't like Kentucky, but he was willing to give him a chance for Indy's sake.


Texas has a crush on Indiana, but she only views him as an acquaintance. Like with most other states not surrounding her, she tends to be shy and awkward around him and his advances on her doesn't help much.