Kansas represents the American state. Her human name is Dorothy Jones. She is named after the main character of The Wizard of Oz.


Kansas is a woman of medium-height. She has brown hair tied back in a ponytail (two pigtails in her original design). She's often seen wearing a white shirt, overalls, has a sunflower in her hair, and often wears working gloves. She doesn't have a lot in the breast department, referencing the Kansas flatlands.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Kansas is a down-to-earth and hard-working woman. She enjoys working her farmlands and making bread. However, she's a sensible woman with little tolerance for insanity...and she's surrounded by relatively insane people. She has a dread fear of tornadoes.



Kansas is Arkansas' adopted little sister. He found her when she was a child in Texas' house and he named her. However, when Arkansas went to scold Devon about their recent activities, she quickly berated him. Despite this, the two seem to like each other.


Colorado is Kansas' next-door neighbor. Kansas is terrified of Colorado due to her strength and her tendency to destroy her garden. She has threatened to run Colorado through with her pitch-fork a few times, but hasn't followed through with it.


The two met during the reunion between the United States of America and the House of Britain. Kansas seemed apathetic towards him at first, but the two went on a casual date soon afterwards. Kansas seems to like him for being interested in her history instead of regarding her as a backwater hick between California and New York.


Michigan is Kansas' adopted sister as well as Arkansas'. The two seem to get along fine despite living in completely different environments.


Missouri was with Arkansas when they discovered Kansas. However, Missouri has developed an infatuation with Kansas...and expresses it through oddly stalker-ish ways (such as naming a city after her). Kansas is not interested in him and is extremely irritated by his advances. It's not helped by the fact that the two fought each other in guerilla-style combat during the Civil War.


Nebraska is one of Kansas' biological siblings and the two used to live together in the Kansas-Nebraska Territory. The two seem to care for each other, but Kansas is easily irritated by Nebraska's stupidity. She often makes the statement that "God gave Nebraska a sister instead of a brain".


Oklahoma is Kansas' neighbor to the south. The two seem to get along fine despite Oklahoma's rivalry with Texas and Kansas' blood-line.


Texas is Kansas' oldest biological brother. She often visits his house despite his rambunctious behavior and tendency to shoot in random directions.