Louisiana represents the American state and former French territory. His human name is Remy Beuregard Bonnefoy Jones. Remy after the famous Cajun superhero, Remy LeBou a.k.a. Gambit. He has a pet alligator named Louis and seems to get along with his local monster, who he refers to as Tainted Keitre.


Louisiana is a Cajun man with spiky, black hair held up by a yellow headband. He has a mustache and beard (which represent New Orleans and Baton Rouge). He is often bare-chested with a green vest and bright red shorts while wearing flip-flops.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Louisiana is a laid-back state. He is very good with musical instruments, particularly the banjo and violin which he claims he can play both at the same time. He is a very talented cook and loves partying (particularly during the Mardi Gras). He hates Britain for driving him out of Canada and gleefully fought and defeated him during the Battle of New Orleans.



Alabama used to live in Louisiana's house. Alabama is terrified of Louisiana due to the fact that he used to bully him as a child. However, the two supported each other after Hurrican Katrina.


Arkansas is one of Louisiana's younger siblings. While Arkansas is much tougher than Louisiana, Louisiana tends to be more intelligent. The two get along fine, mostly due to the fact that they both were part of New France.


Louisiana doesn't like Florida. Florida apparently has a crush on Louisiana, but he always gets punched when he tries hugging him. Put simply, Louisiana is not interested.


Like Alabama and Louisiana, Georgia was also hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. Louisiana is one of the few states who notices Georgia.


Louisiana has a crush on Iowa, mostly due to her breast size. Minnesota is often confused as to whether or not he should be disturbed by this because they are technically siblings.


The two are often seen hanging out together. Louisiana often saves Mississippi when his apartment floods. They're very good friends.


The two were part of New France and Missouri is the second oldest of the four siblings. The two somewhat fought during the Civil War, Louisiana sided with the South while Missouri was a border state. Louisiana often goes to Missouri's place for a drink.


The two fought alongside each other during the Battle of New Orleans and the Civil War. Louisiana's opinion on Tennessee seriously decreased after he realized that the state had become hopeless in war during the elapsed time.

Texas and Oklahoma

Louisiana is a neighbor of both states and is often seen trying to break them up when they fight.