He represents the American state of Maine. His human name is Stephen Augustus Jones. He is named after famous author, Stephen King, and the capital of Maine. He has a pet crab named August.


Maine is a gangly-looking somewhat older man with blonde hair with side-burns, a golden beard, a blue skipper uniform, a tri-corn hat, and broken glasses. He's also often see with a set of flintlocks and an eyepatch.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Maine is a salty seaman with a love for the high-seas and lobster fishing. Since an author started writing horror stories that take place in his apartment, he has developed a love for horror stories and can come off as intimidating to other states. He's also one of the few states who can see Canada, though he has issues with his uncle due to multiple Canadian attacks during the War of 1812. He's hated Britain after the nation threatened to have him renamed to New Ireland.



Maine was once Massachusetts' butler and seemed to enjoy his work. The two had a falling out due to no one coming to Maine's aid during the War of 1812 and Maine became a state after it was over. The two later reconciled after Maine revealed that he wanted to be a state so that he could officially call Massachusetts his brother. Maine, along with the rest of New England, knows about Mass' sexuality.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is Maine's only neighbor in the same country. Maine easily terrifies New Hampshire with his love for horror stories.


Vermont often visits Maine's house to do some painting. Aside from that, their relationship isn't fully explained.