He represents the state of Massachusetts or Mass as he's called by the other states. His human name is Lancelot Kirkland Jones, Lancelot is named after the lead knight from the knights of the round table. he has a pet boston terrier name Giesel and a turkey named Ben


Mass is a rather well built but not as good as Virginia's, he has Englands blond messy hair, blue eyes, and England's signature bushy eyebrows. He's often he often wears a white long sleeve shirt under a vest and is never seen with out his laptop.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Mass is alot like England in someways he acts like a gentleman but can be very ittirable. He is very smart houseing Harvard and is an author under the name Lance Kirk.he suffers from Manic depression and is also Bisexual.


New Hampshire

The two never got along mostly due to baseball but in secert Mass actually in in love with him though whetever he returns them is yet to be seen


Though Massachusetts and Virginia are technically blood-related brothers, the two don't often interact. In their childhood, Virginia used to bully Massachusetts, but the two seemed to have reconciled. When California was mocking Mass' sexuality, Virginia was the first to come to Mass' defense.


The two enjoy each other company though Connie suffers inferitory complex.


The two seem to get along well. Pennsylvania provided emotional support for Massachusetts when he was suffering during the Revolution. He's one of the few who's allowed to call him "Penns".

New Jersey

Due to their mutal hate for New york the two get along well and pull pranks on him.

New York

New York and Massachusetts openly dislike each other, mostly due to a baseball rivalry


England and mass have a father son relationship of course during the revolution it got a bit strianed and mass fell into a deprssion for awhile the two have reconicled and Mass is friends with his son Oxford


the two have a close relationship at one point Maine was mass's butler but the two are like brothers.

Washington, D.C.

Mass is considered to be a babysitter for DC on some occasion