Michigan represents the American state. Her human name is Michaela Jones. She has a pet wolverine named Harrison.


Michigan is a woman of medium-height. She has dirty blonde hair about shoulder length. She's often seen wearing a blue shirt with a sliver detriot lions symbol on the front, jeans, and tennis shoes. she wears a hair barret to referance the Mackinac Bridge

Personality and InterestsEdit

Michigan is very kind and friendly. but there are times when people wonder if its just a mask michigan happens to be a firce fighter and can be alittle on the extreme side when she fights. besides fighting Michigan works two jobs one is selling cars while also working as a nurse at Delewares hospital she also loves to cook espically fudge and pies. She is also into the supernatural and says she has the weridest things in her apartment



Michigan sees Arkansas as an older brother he was also the one who taught her to fight and be a solider during the civil war Michigan joined the union while Ark was with the confederacy so the two fought against each other yet either had the heart to kill one another due to their close bond. the two still see each other and go oout drinking.


Michigan is Kansas' adopted sister as well as Arkansas'. The two seem to get along fine despite living in completely different environments.


The two were part of the Indiana Territory and Illinois used to frighten Michigan when they were children. He still does to this day


the two happen to get along well but Indy tends to forget Michigan's name


the two have a werid relationship since Michigan often trys to get even with him for the teldo incident.


the two have a mutal crush on each other but they hide it due to their football rivalry.


Michigan and Deleware have a professinal relationship but they still hang out after the job is done


Alabama comes up to her stay during the winter she tends to get annoyed with him due to his forgetful nature. Though she also tends to shoot at him at some points.


Michigan tends to go to Geogia's house whenever he's afriad of his ghost and make them leave.