Missouri represents the American state. His human name is Louis Bonnefoy Jones. Louis comes from Missouri's capital city, St. Louis.


Missouri is a man of medium-build. He has wavy, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a small beard. He's often wearing a gray, stripy shirt, carrying a cavalry sabre, and a scepter.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Missouri is often considered an oddball. He is the only state from the Louisiana Territory (aside from Louisiana) to constantly use a French accent. Most people don't tend to look at him and, when they do, it's mostly to make fun of him over his somewhat stalkerish crush on Kansas (whom he and Arkansas discovered). Missouri tends to be insecure due to feeling abandoned by France and Louisiana, along with the fact that most of the states mock him or ignore him. Though Missouri was a border state during the Civil War, he often acted as a guerilla fighter for the South, to which Kansas regularly countered. But, when pressed to where his loyalties were in the Civil War, he ultimately said that he stood by the other states.

Missouri's favorite things include drinking alcohol, watching animated films, and reading.



Though Missouri is Arkansas' older brother, Arkansas doesn't have much respect for him. Arkansas regularly attacks Missouri.


The two have a complicated relationship. Missouri helped Arkansas to discover Kansas and the two had a strong friendship for a while. Then the Civil War rolled around and the two were regularly fighting each other. This resulted in their relationship being shattered. Missouri seems to genuinely love Kansas, but his means of expressing it tends to make her more irritated. Now that Kansas seems to be dating Devon, Missouri's drinking has worsened.


The two seem to get along well as both were border states during the Civil War. Kentucky is one of the few people who knows about Missouri's troubles. When Kentucky and Indiana were engaged, Missouri openly gave him free drinks.


Louisiana is Missouri's older brother. Louisiana seems to tolerate Missouri.


Being a fan of literature, Missouri obviously enjoys Massachusetts' books. Though Mass views Missouri's idolizing as somewhat creepy, he doesn't really complain about it.


The two seem to get along well in the modern day. Due to the large amounts of breweries in both states, the two are drinking buddies, often getting wasted.