Montana represents the 41st state of America. His human name is Joey Jones, named after Al Pacino's famous character from Scarface, Joey Montana. He has a pet rabbit named Helen, named after Montana's capital, Helena.


Montana is the fourth tallest state (standing at 6'1/4). He has pale skin, brown hair, green eyes, and often wears a black leather jacket over a white shirt, a black cowboy hat that obscures his left eye. He always keep a revolver in his belt or hand.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Montana has a very cold and menacing demeanor, causing intimidation amongst others. People believe that he's bad-tempered, but he's actually rather kind. He just doesn't speak much and prefers solitude. He is genuinely confused by why others find him scary. He also has a great love for animals, particularly small and fluffy ones. He also has a great interest in paleontology.

It's said that he often goes to Canada's place to arm-wrestle with Alberta.



Montana and Idaho were once in the same territory with Washington, but Idaho was put in charge when Montana left. Idaho is someone who Montana often tries to shoot, not helped by racial insensitivity from both sides.


Kansas seems as terrified of Montana as any other state. However, Montana seems to show care for her as he openly followed her to Britain and helped her begin her relationship with Devon.

North Dakota

Montana was once in charge of North Dakota and raised him with Wyoming. North Dakota views Montana as a father figure and both really know about each other's true selves.


Oregon enjoys picking fights with Montana over seeing who's tougher. Montana finds Oregon's hipster attitude to be irksome and regularly threatens to chop down trees.


Utah is constantly trying to strike up a friendship with Montana based on a mutual love for paleontology. However, it's often stopped by Utah's whiny attitude and Montana's intimidating air.


Washington was once part of a territory with Idaho and Montana. However, Montana regularly tries to shoot Washington because he finds his overly-joyous attitude irritating.


Montana and Wyoming are usually seen bickering with each other...or at least, Wyoming bickers with Montana. The latter doesn't really speak. The two were in charge of raising North Dakota, but Wyoming was primarily responsible for him. However, Wyoming openly showed distress when Montana left to go on vacation in Britain's house.