He represents the 36th state of America of the same name. His human name is Carson Jones.


Nevada is a rather tall, young man with wild, brown hair and blue eyes. He's often seen wearing a red vest over a white dress shirt, a black tie, black pants, and black shoes. He also wears a card shark hat and a pair of sunglasses (which represent Reno and Las Vegas).

Personality and InterestsEdit

Nevada is a cocky, laid-back gambler. It's stated that he always cheats, but when confronted about it, his response is usually "The house always wins!" or, when someone said he'd be shot in Vegas, "I invented Vegas!". In 1999, he was put in charge of the micronation Molossia. The two do NOT get along.

He's also shown to be a womanizer, regularly seen with at least two ladies. He drinks often and the states often say that he's immune to alcohol. Despite his attitude, he does often show that he can be responsible.



California believes that he and Nevada are best friends. What he doesn't notice, however, is that Nevada regularly cheats California out of money. He claims that California's stupidity and recklessness with money is what keeps his economy afloat. When California vanished once, Nevada did seem concerned.


The two were originally roommates in Utah's house. Colorado regularly shows up in Nevada's house...mostly because she accidentally breaks through his roof. Unlike Kansas, he doesn't complain because he uses California's money to mend his house.

West Virginia

The two are war buddies, due to them joining the Union around the same time. The two often fought alongside each other during the Civil War. They seem to get along well, though West is a little more cautious around Nevada then he once was.


Utah was originally Nevada's caretaker when they lived with Mexico. Nevada was the first to leave Utah's place and seems to have broken ties with him. However, Nevada does seem to show up for Utah's birthdays.