New HampshireEdit

New Hampshire represents the American state. His human name is Irving Jones


New Hampshire is a burly man with blonde hair in a large spike (representing the state's shape). He has blue eyes and is often seen wearing biker gear. He also has a cigar or cigarette in his mouth and carries a shotgun.

Personality and InterestsEdit

New Hampshire is a major grouch. He lashes out at anyone who irritates him. He's also a bit of a daredevil and is often seen riding a motorcycle. He has a secret passion for painting, but keeps it secret from everyone except Vermont.



New Hampshire is Maine's only neighbor in the same country. New Hampshire seems to hate Maine, but shows fright at Maine's love of the terrifying.


New Hampshire absolutely detests Massachusetts, always picking fights with him and referring to him as "Masshole". Why they fight isn't particularly well-known. Massachusetts is attracted to New Hampshire. Whether or not those feelings are returned is open to interpretation.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the only state that New Hampshire seems to be fond of. Though New Hampshire is somewhat jealous since he likes being the first for everything and Rhode Island was the first state to declare independence.


New Hampshire and Vermont are very good friends. Vermont is the only person to which New Hampshire has confided his love for painting in. When they're in public, New Hampshire treats Vermont with the same kind of abuse he shows every other state.