New MexicoEdit

New Mexico represents the American state. His human name is Julio Jones.


New Mexico is a Hispanic teenager. He has short, spiky black hair, big brown eyes. He wears a white shirt under a poncho and often carries a .45 calibur revolver with him.

Personality and InterestsEdit

New Mexico is a bright and cheery state. He's hyperactive (which Arizona states he was like when they still lived with Mexico) and sees UFOs wherever he goes (a reference to Ft. Knox). He claims to live where his grandfather, Aztec Empire, started off. Despite being taken away from Mexico, he constantly refers to Mexico as 'padre', meaning that he still respects him.



New Mexico has a crush on Alaska. However, his methods of expressing that crush include acting more hyperactive than usual, making Alaska view him as odd.


Despite being slightly younger than New Mexico, Arizona often acts as an older brother figure to New Mexico. He constantly tries to get Arizona to lighten up...none of which happen to work.


California and New Mexico have a healthy sibling relationship, both being former Mexican colonies. New Mexico is a big fan of California's movies.


Mostly, New Mexico and Colorado don't share more than a friendly greeting. However, New Mexico often speeds past Colorado's house and she constantly tries to beat his speed.

New York

Oddly enough, the two are good buddies. New Mexico often works as a taxi-driver when he works in New York's house.


New Mexico refers to Texas as a big brother. New Mexico used to live in Texas' house before moving out a while after Texas got annexed by America. The two seem to have a healthy relationship, Texas admiring New Mexico's energy.