New YorkEdit

He represents the state of New York. His human name is Manny Brooke Jones, his name representing two of New York's most famous cities: Manhattan and Brooklyn. He has a pet beaver named Stan (named after Stan Lee).


New York is taller than most states in his region. He has neatly-combed blonde hair, blue eyes, and glasses. He wears a tuxedo, but has his tie flopped over his left shoulder. He also walks with a bit of a limp due to 9/11.


New York is viewed as being obnoxious and rude by most of the country, particularly by his neighbors, most notably New Jersey, Massachusetts, and his ex-wife, Connecticut. He considers himself to be the "awesomest" state in the country. However, if his siblings are ever threatened, he's the first to try and come to their aid due to his strong sense of loyalty and his motto of "Ya mess wit ONE of us, ya mess wit ALL of us!". He's an enthusiastic comic book fan and speaks in a cliche Brooklyn accent.



Connecticut and New York were married at one point, but they had a divorce at Connecticut's request. Connecticut is currently antagonistic towards New York, who is oblivious to her hatred. However, she still seems to have a very small form of affection towards him.


Delaware views New York as a complete imbecile due to him believing that Netherlands treated them badly when they were part of New Netherlands. New York also believes that England saved them. Because of this, Delaware believes that England brain-washed New York.


New York and Massachusetts openly dislike each other, mostly due to a baseball rivalry.

New Jersey

New York believes that he and New Jersey are best friends, completely ignoring the fact that New Jersey obviously hates him. New York refers to Jersey as 'Noo Joisey', to which New Jersey always responds with "IT'S NEW JERSEY, YOU (CENSORED)HEAD!".


Pennsylvania is one of the few states that New York shows any respect for. He's one of the few states who's allowed to call him "Penns".

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is New York's little brother. While he can treat him rudely and tease him, New York really does care for Rhode Island (who he calls "Rhodey").