North DakotaEdit

North Dakota represents the American state and was the northern part of the Dakota territory. His human name is Conrad Jones. His beard represents North Dakota's capital city of Bismarck.


North Dakota is a tall man with curly, black hair, brown eyes, and a small beard. He's often wearing a black jacket and jeans with sneakers.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Most people see North Dakota as he is with his younger brother, South Dakota: a bad-tempered jerk who starts fights whenever he can. However, when South isn't around, he's usually very nice and agreeable. He prefers living in a "rustic" fashion--his apartment is a log-cabin and his favorite past-times are raccoon hunting and ice-fishing. He's a very devoted and friendly Christian, gladly reading Bible stories to DC. He and South Dakota fight a lot, but the two share a great love for architecture.



Alaska is often in charge of breaking up the Dakota brothers' fights. This had led both of them to resent her presence in the country. When North Dakota's on his own, he's very meek around Alaska and tends to be easily frightened by her.


The Dakota brothers get along well with Minnesota, having given him his name when they stumbled across him. Minnesota doesn't talk to North Dakota much, though the two do often watch hockey games together.


Montana was a bit of a father figure to North Dakota when he and South had been split-up as a territory. North Dakota was thrown into a territory with Montana and Wyoming, who raised him. Montana is one of the few states who tolerates North Dakota and knows what he's really like.

South Dakota

When they were the same territory, North and South Dakota were as close as two brothers could be, regularly playing with each other and having fun. However, the two were separated and thrown into different territories: North with Montana and Wyoming and South with Minnesota and Nebraska. The two then became their own states (North Dakota being accepted first due to his name coming first in alphabetical order) and the two got along well. Then, South Carolina made Mt. Rushmore and North Dakota started picking fights with him due to the fact that he was often ignored. The two regularly bicker (Alaska often breaking them up), but they do get along on certain occasions (particularly around Christmas).


Wyoming raised North Dakota when he was part of a territory with her and Montana. While she often acted as a mother-figure to him, she still found him to be a pain more than anything. The two have a mixed relationship: showing affection one moment and disgust the next.