South CarolinaEdit

He represents the American state of South Carolina. His human name is Robert Jones.


South Carolina has unruly, brown hair and green eyes. He has tanned skin and is often wearing a brown T-shirt and vest. He also carries the Confederate flag (South Carolina was the capital of the Confederate States of America) and has an American flag tied around his waist. He also wears red swim trunks.

Personality and InterestsEdit

South Carolina is described by the rest of the states as being lazy. His ideal day includes laying on a beach and doing nothing for hours. This attitude led him to declare neutrality in the Revolutionary War. He was the capital of the Confederacy, but surrendered to the Union when he realized that he would have to put in hard work in order to keep the country afloat.

He is the child of England and Barbados. He seems indifferent to his father, but regularly visits his mother when he gets the opportunity.



South Carolina has a rather odd obsession with the younger state. He openly competed with Georgia over him. Alabama is terrified of South Carolina as a result of it.


South Carolina and Georgia have had a long-standing rivalry with each other. This is a result from border disputes and arguing over Alabama. The two were allies during the Civil War, but that did not change their views on each other.

North Carolina

No one is entirely sure about North and South Carolina's relationship because they don't really talk about it. However, North Carolina's somewhat compulsive attitude leads her to openly attack South Carolina's lazy attitude. Despite this, the two do seem to care for each other.


Tennessee and South Carolina were allies during the Civil War. The two don't talk much, but South Carolina is a fan of Tennessee's music.