His human name is Kingston Jones. He has a pet fossil of a Utahraptor named Morris, which he often breaks on accident.


Utah is a tall man with neat, dirtly-blonde hair and blue eyes. He often wears a cowboy hat, a white sleeveless shirt, and torn jeans. He's also often seen with a pickaxe.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Utah is surprisingly old despite his appearance. He's often regarded as a lonely, old man. This is due to him moping about how he used to be with three roommates--Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming. He tends to be ignored by his fellow states, which makes him feel unwanted.

He's a devoted Mormon.



Utah was very fond of Colorado and liked her enthusiasm for out-door activities. He personally looks at her with pride when he's not moping about her leaving.


In recent years, Utah has tried to strike up a friendship with Montana due to a mutual love for paleontology. However, these attempts are for naught as Montana's bad temper and intimidating silence seem to be immune.


Nevada was the first of Utah's friends to move out and get a place of his own. Utah is constantly trying to reignite their old friendship, but Nevada views his attitude as a drag. It doesn't help that Utah is poorly-received by Molossia as well.

Washington, D.C.

These two don't interact much, but D.C. usually tries cheering up Utah when he seems down.


Wyoming was the last of the states to leave the Utah Territory before he became an official state. She has proven to be not very tolerant of Utah's attitude, often referring to him as a "big baby". Despite this, Utah seems oddly clingly towards Wyoming, much to her chagrin.