Washington 1

He represents the state of Washington. His human name is Seymour Jones, Seymour represents the city Seattle.


Washington is a man with blonde hair, purple eyes, and serious expression adorning his face most of the time (which is always). He's often wearing a button up, navy blue coat. He has a pair of rather thick glasses, and carries an umbrella with him wherever he goes. He closely resembles that of a serious Canada and Sweden.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Washington is described as being serious and patriotic. He doesn't like living in a stormy apartment and dreams of living somewhere more dry. He was apparently afraid of vampires at one point, but currently laughs at them. He has a great love for apples. He's often considered a super nerd with a great love for computers, science fiction, and British television, but when questioned he will deny it and claim that he has more important things to do and that they are childish things.



The two are neighbors and Idaho tends to (albeit grudgingly) admit that Washington's an okay guy. Both were part of the same territory at one point and both seem to enjoy each other's company.


Montana makes it his business to point out that he doesn't like Washington. Washington tries to befriend the cowboy, but often gets shot at as a result.


Oregon is Washington's next-door neighbor and older brother (a reference to Washington being part of the Oregon territory). He often comes to Washington's defense when he gets attacked by Montana, indicating that they seem to get along well.


Pennsylvania and Washington are very close friends due to their patriotic nature. Washington often gets confused by Pennsylvania's speaking habits.

Washington, D.C.

Washington loves his neice a lot, but tends to get angered by her. This comes from the fact that he's often mistaken for the country's capital and, as such, a little girl.