West VirginiaEdit

West Virginia represents the American state. His human name is Wesley Jones. He has a pet black bear named Charlston and is constantly being tormented by his local monster, Mothman. He's often simply referred to as "West".


West Virginia looks like a slightly shorter version of Virginia with the exception that he wears glasses. His wardrobe consists of a black jacket, a red shirt, jeans, and black shoes. He's often seen carrying a shotgun, which he uses to shoot off Mothman.

Personality and InterestsEdit

West Virginia is Virginia's little brother. He was taken away by Virginia to join the Confederacy, but West became his own state and joined the Union. He was considered a hero by the rest of the Union during the Civil War due to his knowledge on hiding places. However, after World War II, he became a coward due to an incident at Point Pleasant and Japan sinking one of his ships. He's trigger-happy, opening-fire with his shotgun whenever he comes across Mothman and is viewed as a nuisance by almost everyone.

When calm, West tends to be a simplistic coal miner.



West is a common target for Florida's constant pranks. Florida's justification for this is that he "makes it too easy".


West Virginia and Kentucky, though technically adopted brothers, don't get along. When the two were living in Virginia's house, they were constantly bickering. Even after the two became their own states, they constantly bicker.


West is Maryland's brother-in-law. The two seem to get along well, but Maryland didn't like West's habits during the post-Revolution era. West also joined Virginia in teasing her when they were children.


West and Nevada are old friends, both being founded during the Civil War. The two became war buddies during the combat. Currently, the two seem to get along fine, but West knows better than to take bets from Nevada because he knows that the house always wins.

New Jersey

Jersey tends to pull pranks on West, but most of the time, they're for revenge. West is one of the many states who views Jersey as an idiot, despite his best attempts to disillusion them.


Ohio seems to at least tolerate West. He allowed West to renew his gun license, but seemed oddly joyous to revoke it before the renewal.


Pennsylvania and West have a friendly football rivalry. Pennsylvania considers West to be a worthy adversary and calls him a "good boy". West is often confused by Pennsylvania's speaking manner.


The two are biological brothers. The two got along well when they were a single state, but once splitting, the two had an estrangement. However, these days, their relationship seems less bittered. West was Virginia's best man during his wedding.

Washington, D.C.

West is D.C.'s only biological uncle. He really loves D.C. and tries to play with her every chance he can get.